Usability Integration into the Software Process

Dr. Nigel Bevan
Serco Usability Services

Jueves 9 de Junio de 2005. 16:00
Facultad de Inform谩tica (Univ. Polit茅cnica de Madrid)
H-1005 (Bloque 1)

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Serco Usability Services


The business worth of a computer system is a function of its quality in use - the extent to which it is fit for its purpose. The ISO/IEC 9126-1 standard (Software Product Quality Model) places quality in use as the overall goal for software development. Using the term quality in use to describe usability recognises that software does not exist in isolation, but must fit with a human work environment if it is to be useful in practice. Usability as quality in use is increasingly recognised in industry as a primary goal in developing business systems and IT products.

The presentation will explain how new ISO standards under development can be used to support user centred design and integrate usability requirements and usability test results into the software development and procurement processes.


Dr Nigel Bevan is Research Manager at Serco Usability Services and a Senior Research Fellow at City University, London. He has first degrees in physics and psychology, and a PhD in man-machine interaction. Nigel provides consultancy in usability and user centred design. He has been manager of European projects that have incorporated user centred design into the development processes of several large organisations, and of the UsabilityNet project that established a web site of usability resources. He is currently manager of the Tenuta project, which is giving usability and accessibility support to EU projects. He participates in several international standards groups and was responsible for developing the new Common Industry Format standard for usability requirements. Nigel has given tutorials on usability, web evaluation and user centred design at international conferences. He is Director of Professional Development for the Usability Professionals Association.